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Bo @ Sweet Genesis

Bo entertains with his whole heart.
Terri accompanying Bo on a Friday night before Christmas.
Twist and shout.…Angels rocking. Talia, left, Sandy, and Netera.
Bo and Shame on stage.
Matching the Angels.
The Angels in Glitter’s plaid dress.

Bo sings on Fridays at 6PM slt at Sweet Genesis outdoor venue. Check it out!

Fun @ Blues Cove June 18th

Fun left to right Miss Terri Gant, Sheena Jewell and Baller Paine on drums.

What can I say about blues Cove??nothing that hasn’t been said a million and ones times 🙂 I LOVE !!!!!!!!! BLUES COVE!!!!!! The owner of Blues Cove Miss Aqua Willowind Goes above and beyond The call of any venue owner I believe I know to make blues cove what it is. I love Miss Aqua Willowind with all my heart she truly is Heaven sent and a blessing to know 🙂

Fun @ Snowy River!!!!!

June 18th 2019

I had the pleasure of having Johannes Camporum & The Miss Terri Gant on stage with me during this Fun in the sun Venue Snowy River!! Working with Terri & Johannes is sure to bring some fun to my stages for sure with there quick wittiness and flashy guitars I love them both. But having the Lovely Austin’s Angels!!!! dancing for me every chance I can really brings a warm smile to my face and even a tear,, Austin’s Angel’s!!! have been soo!!!! supportive to me from day one meeting them. NO!!! I don’t have them at every show !!! Unfortunately I only had the presence of 2 of the Lovely Angels at this show on hand was the Lovely Miss Sandy Hauster and the lovely Miss Talia Sunsong ( third not shown is the lovely Miss Netera Landar).

About the fans:

I have discovered throughout the almost 10 years of being in Virtual Worlds that when it comes to the live music scene it is all about the fans YES!!!! the venues are important as well but without the fans the venues wouldn’t be here. I truly LOVE!!! MY FANS!!! and will continue to make my fans a priority ,I thrive on giving my fans 100 % of me, I am not afraid to cry during an emotional song or laugh and joke or maybe even add names to my songs to make my fans feel wanted, I truly believe that fans need to hear and feel a song, if they can’t then it’s not worth doing!!!.

Bo’s Love of Music

I grew up surrounded by a family of musicians. I’ve always enjoyed entertaining, even if only as the class clown. I spent 9 years as a roadie singing back up. I was fortunate enough to record at the original Ryman Auditorium. I’ve also made a special appearance at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, I love older, classic, and traditional country music along with oldies rock. You can expect to hear a good mix of those genres at my shows.