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Fun @ Snowy River!!!!!

June 18th 2019

I had the pleasure of having Johannes Camporum & The Miss Terri Gant on stage with me during this Fun in the sun Venue Snowy River!! Working with Terri & Johannes is sure to bring some fun to my stages for sure with there quick wittiness and flashy guitars I love them both. But having the Lovely Austin’s Angels!!!! dancing for me every chance I can really brings a warm smile to my face and even a tear,, Austin’s Angel’s!!! have been soo!!!! supportive to me from day one meeting them. NO!!! I don’t have them at every show !!! Unfortunately I only had the presence of 2 of the Lovely Angels at this show on hand was the Lovely Miss Sandy Hauster and the lovely Miss Talia Sunsong ( third not shown is the lovely Miss Netera Landar).

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